No Child Goes Hungry 17
Funding Priority

No Child Goes Hungry

We fund initiatives that help communities grow, purchase, prepare and cook fresh, healthy and affordable food.

Meet the City Funds No Child Goes Hungry Funding Priority Group Members

Barny HaughtonFounding Director of Square Food Foundation

Andy Street Director of SLR Consulting and City Funds Chair

Samira Musse

An active member of her community, Samira has helped organise activities for children and parents, filling the gap in typical childcare arrangements.

Annie OliverCommunity Inclusion Manager - Barton Hill Settlement

Tony PageDirector of Children's Community Services - Bristol Community Health

Archie Morrell Director and Children's Team Manager - Learning Partnership West


Debbie WatsonReader of Childhood Studies at University of Bristol

Ellie MiloneCity Engagement and Partnerships Manager, Mayor's Office - Bristol City Council

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