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Albion Technologies secure £400k investment from Bristol’s City Funds

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World-leading Battery Energy Storage Solutions innovator, Albion Technologies has secured a strategic investment of £400,000 from Bristol and Bath Regional Capital (BBRC), as part of their place-based impact investment fund, City Funds.

Albion Technologies is a leading lithium-ion battery specialist that develops and builds battery energy storage systems that allow surplus electrical energy to be stored from renewable power generation facilities, such as solar- or wind-farms onto the nationwide power grids.

With this investment, City Funds will help establish a domestic manufacturing and assembly facility within Bristol, providing new green economy employment to the community, creating up to 90 green jobs across a range of warehouse, assembly, design and research and development skills.

Solar and Wind is replacing more polluting, modes of power generation as the best immediate solution for meeting the UK’s COP26 commitments.

Albion will integrate batteries with advances in control, improving energy delivery of these sustainable technologies and delivering an energy storage solution aligned to the current and future needs of the energy sector.

Albion’s battery cells have been designed around recyclability, using no rare earth metals or toxic materials. The technology maximises safety while simultaneously increasing the lifetime by many thousands of charge cycles.

Sir Robert Bucher, CEO of Albion:

“Smart BESS is a key product to support the goals of a transitional clean environment allowing accelerated the elimination of combustion-based power generation via the attachment of solar and wind power. Energy storage is recognised globally as a necessity for a stable power infrastructure and we’re pleased to work with BBRC to bring this idea to Bristol.”

The investment will contribute to Bristol Net Zero ambitions by setting up a new local business for the manufacture of more efficient, less wasteful energy storage products for sale to UK offtakers.

Jari Moate, Investment Manager at BBRC:

“Albion’s battery technology is a game-changer for the UK’s energy infrastructure. This is an opportunity to establish a new green industry in Bristol which has potential to dramatically scale. BBRC is pleased to invest via City Funds, in this world class engineering and commercial proposition with a committed ambition for social and environmental impact in our region.”

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