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Groundwork South received a grant of £37,354 from Bristol City Funds BCH Health & Wellbeing grant programme. This funding will support growing wellbeing needs within the Lockleaze area of Bristol, with an ambition to have a transformable impact on access to mental health services for the most vulnerable, disadvantaged and socially excluded local residents.

This project aims to be a cornerstone for the future development of early intervention mental wellbeing services, based at the community centre, The Vench.

“Our vision at The Vench is that all children and young people in Lockleaze live happy and healthy lives. As part of our work to achieve that, we support families to build their resilience, to date this work has focused on food resilience and employment. However, the children, young people and families we support have experienced significant impacts on their mental health and wellbeing as a result of the pandemic.”

Groundwork South Trust

Photo: The Vench, Groundwork South

“In 2020, we began piloting wellbeing initiatives, including the Walk & Talk project for Lockleaze mums and a Gardening for Wellbeing group.

Thanks to this funding from the Bristol Community Health Fund we can employ a Wellbeing Facilitator to look strategically at how we expand our resilience work to include mental health & wellbeing to support our community to thrive in a post-COVID world.”

Amy Walsh, Centre Manager at The Vench – Lockleaze Adventure Playground & Community Centre, Groundwork South.