Frank Water 2

Frank Water‘s mission is to alleviate global water poverty while protecting our natural environment, by improving how people understand and use water.

The charitable activities, which range from a UK schools education programme, to providing long-term access to clean water, sanitation and hygiene overseas – are partly funded by a Bristol-based social enterprise that markets sustainable water as both a product and service.

Having grown organically for 15 years, Frank Water wanted to invest in growing the social enterprise arm while not reducing the amount of surpluses going to fund the charity. City Funds was able to invest £150,000 to help grow Frank Water’s capacity by expanding staffing and equipment resources. This has enabled Frank Water to grow their business to meet a market need whilst not reducing their charitable activities.

“For a long time, our assumption was that we should be able to grow the business without needing outside investment–a sort of ‘living within your means’ approach. But as part of our partnership with City Funds, we were able to open ourselves up to the opportunity that investment brings, beyond just the financial. This was a key turning point for us. Through impact investment, we are now able to grow our business and earmark our surpluses for our charity at the same time. It was vital that we had a financial partner like City Funds, people who really want to support the social side of the business, not just seek financial benefit for themselves.” 

Katie Alcott, Founder & CEO, FRANK Water

Deal overview

Business NameFrank Water
MissionA Water-Secure Future Where Everyone, Everywhere Has Longterm Access To Safe Water, Decent Toilets And Good Hygiene
Value PropositionOur bottled water provides provides safe water and sanitation for people that live without it
SectorFast Moving Consumer Goods
Amount and type of investment£150k loan