Businesses provide £103,000 in pro bono support for Bristol's voluntary sector

We know that Bristol’s business community has a wealth of talent, skills, energy & resources which can make a significant social & environmental impact across our city.

We also know that around half of Bristol’s voluntary & community organisations, often the smaller ones, don’t have the networks and know-how to develop those mutually beneficial connections with local businesses.

It’s for these reasons that the City Funds pro bono service became operational in October 2020 – brokering these hugely important connections between Bristol’s businesses and voluntary & community organisations.

We’re providing a tailored and managed route for businesses to grow their talent & social value by sharing their skills and investing in Bristol’s local communities.

With the service reaching its first year, our impact report takes stock of the incredible support provided by local businesses, people, networks and other organisations.

30 businesses provided £103k in professional services to over 40 of Bristol’s voluntary & community organisations. And we know that many more are partnering with the voluntary sector in all sorts of inspirational ways, yet…

When 30 of Bristol’s 36,000 plus businesses can make this difference, we can’t help imagine the huge impact that 60…100…150+ businesses will have, when they harness the pro bono service.

To find out how your business can benefit, contact our pro bono service co-ordinator:

Read the report here