BBRC invest £500k in boomsatsuma

A £500k City Funds term loan has supported BoomEd to expand its higher education programmes and position itself for future growth.

boomsatsuma is an award-winning specialist in education and training for the Creative Industries. Founded in 2008, BoomEd develops pathways that provide the best possible opportunity for young people to make a meaningful contribution to the region’s Creative & Digital workforce and economies of the 21st century.

“We are passionate about Bristol, its richly diverse communities, and its world-leading creative and digital industries. We believe that every young person should have the same opportunity to access an education that delivers on that young person’s aspiration, regardless of their economic or cultural background.

This investment takes the brakes off our plans that were slowed by the last three years of access restrictions from Covid and means that we can reach twice as many young people from across the city and this investment means we can confidently begin recruiting for over 20 new jobs this year alone.” 

Mark Curtis, Creative Director, boomsatsuma.

BBRC £500k investment in boomsatsuma

boomsatsuma Creative Media teacher, Lyndsey Davis & Creative Director, Mark Curtis welcome BBRC’s Ryan Munn to their Leadworks course centre.

Deal overview

Business name: Boomsatsuma


Impact theme: Quality Education, Decent Work & Economic Growth

Amount of investment: £500,000