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City Funds has invested £200K in local tech firm, Service Robotics Ltd / GenieConnect®, who create and deliver communications devices – tackling loneliness and coordinating health services for elderly people. 

Service Robotics Ltd is located in Bristol and has detailed knowledge of the needs of the local communities in the South West through their close work with local authorities and care providers to explore answers to the care crisis. 

In Bristol alone, there are more than 20,000 hours of home care commissioned every month, from around 50 care providers – and there just aren’t enough carers to meet the rising demand.  

At scale, GenieConnect® provides a solution to the current and projected future shortfall of quality home care for older people – helping them stay in their homes longer while reducing the burden on the care system. 

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Blending user-friendly voice driven technologies with person-centred care planning for care providers, GenieConnect® enables the delivery of more flexible and better-quality care; combating isolation as well as respecting the dignity of older people by enabling independent living. 

The GenieConnect® solution does not deliver care by itself, but is a platform that allows the care provider to deliver care more efficiently, cutting out travel time and allowing more regular remote visits. The service supports full text or voice communications between care givers and receivers through the Genie digital companion robot, aiming to improve welfare and satisfaction for both parties.

GenieConnect® also plays a critical role in keeping families connected, providing reassurance that regular care is being given. From receiving updates on medication to notes and details of visits through the companion app, this transparency improves trust between care providers and clients.  

Although domiciliary care for older adults is the primary market, there is a huge opportunity within residential care and other social services such as younger adults with learning disabilities and mental health welfare.

GenieConnect® aims to break down barriers of digital inequality with a simple user interface, engaging content and easy connections to friends, family and professional support. 


“Finding proven methods of delivering some care remotely is game-changing for the care industry. By doing this, we are enabling care workers to do what they tell us they want; to deliver more and better care” 


Rob Parkes, CEO, Service Robotics Ltd / GenieConnect® 


Service Robotics Ltd / GenieConnect® 3

Photo: Service Robotics Ltd / GenieConnect®

Deal overview

Business name: Service Robotics Ltd / GenieConnect®


Impact theme: Health & Wellbeing

Amount of investment: £200,000