Discover City Funds Annual Report 2020 2

Our achievements:

  • £10 million raised for social investment and £1.860 million secured for grants,
  • £2.4 million committed for social investments to date,
  • £560,770 distributed in grant to 27 projects.

And much more to discover in detail in our Annual Report.


“2020 was one of the most challenging years in living memory – at a local, regional, national and global level. Covid-19 hit hard early in the year, with the first national lockdown coming into force towards the end of March.

Notwithstanding the challenges created by the pandemic, and the increasing needs arising across the city, City Funds has played a significant role in the past year in providing support to voluntary groups, community organisations and social enterprises through investment (led by Bristol and Bath Regional Capital) and grants (led by Quartet).

Our aim has been, and will remain going forward, to align our goals and priorities with the One City Plan. We will seek to be innovative in our approach and to maximise the impact of the work that we do on behalf of the city, addressing some of the most challenging issues faced by communities across the city.  And most importantly we are committed to doing this is a collaborative and inclusive way.

The pandemic is still with us, but with your help we can through City Funds make a lasting contribution to the recovery period over the coming years. I hope as you read this report you will be encouraged and inspired, and commit to join us in meeting the challenges that face us all.”

Andy Street, Governing Board Chair, City Funds

Read the report here