Knowle West Bike Club

One of the projects to be supported by the Bristol City Funds BCH Health & Wellbeing grant programme is Grassroot Communities community-led Knowle West Bike Club, which will promote healthy lifestyles among children and young people in the area.

Knowle West Bike Club

Photo: Grassroot Communities

The grant of £35,474, will support young people and the wider community to develop the weekly Knowle West Bike Club sessions and develop a dirt track or/and create wooden bike ramps, with the aim of improving health and wellbeing. The activity will be based in an area where the population is at greater risk of developing long-term health conditions.

“I was over the moon when I heard that the Knowle Bike Club has been funded.

Lockdown has been difficult for everyone and when the young people on Newquay Rd and the wider community hear that we will be able to support them with their project idea, they will have something to look forward to!”

Photo: Ben Carpenter, Grassroot Communities

Grassroot Communities Logo

“The club will support the group to make DIY ramps, learn about bike mechanics, explore other areas and their bike tracks and maybe, just maybe be able to make enough noise and gather enough support to develop and fund a community led bike track between.

Importantly, whether a track happens or not, for one session a week we will be supporting young people with a wide range of sessions based on their wants and needs, that supports their physical, social and emotional wellbeing. Basically Youth Work and me and the team cannot wait to get going.’”

Grassroot Communities founder and youth worker, Ben Carpenter.

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